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Are you looking to get on the upgrade Delta flight? Want to learn how to get on Delta Upgrade List? Delta upgrade comes with lots of features. Passengers can also use the miles option to get an upgrade on Delta Comfort+, Delta Premium Select, and Delta One for only the eligible flights. It would be better to earn Medallion status, as it will increase your chances of being on the Upgrading delta list.

What is the process for getting on the Delta Flight Upgrading List?

Upgrades on first class, Delta One (business class), and Delta Comfort+ seating are available to all Delta Medallion members. A member is eligible for as many upgrades as they choose.

  1. As a Medallion member, you must include your SkyMiles account number in your booking during the reservation process to be on the Upgrading for Delta .
  2.  If you sign into the SkyMiles account before making the reservation and choose yourself as one of the travelers, this will take place automatically.
  3. You will be on the upgrade automatically after adding your SkyMiles number.
  4. To be on the upgrading list, any traveling companions/partners who also are Medallion members must consist of their SkyMiles number in the reservation.

You could also be added to the upgrade list if you have a Global or Regional Upgrade Certificate. The best part is that your upgrade will be verified in advance if seats are available. When searching on, you can see that Delta does show upgrade availability per cabin to Platinum or Diamond Medallion members utilizing Upgrade Certificates. However, you can ask to be on the upgrade list for your flight if the airline doesn’t confirm your upgrade. Again, the airline will give preference to upgrade certificates over free upgrades.

Remember that eligibility does not ensure upgrading. Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance if you’ll get an upgrade on the flight because Delta Air Lines doesn’t advertise its inventory for free upgrades.

How to Request the Delta Upgrade?

When booking a flight on or other methods, include your SkyMiles number. You can request upgrades for every flight manually, or you can preset your SkyMiles account choices to have them asked for automatically whenever you make a booking with the SkyMiles number (for eligible flights), depending on what’s appropriate for you. 

Learn more information about how to get an Upgrade for Delta:

Automatically Recieve Your Upgrades

If you opt for automatic upgrades, you can access the seat map to choose any available seats in the upgraded cabin class or Main Cabin when you get a Complimentary Upgrade.

Select the Automatic Free Upgrades:

  • Turn on automatic complimentary upgrades if you want the top upgrade priority during your Medallion qualifying timeframe. 
  • In case you like easy automation.
  • If you are comfortable selecting the available seats on your own in case you get a preferable seat.

Select Your Changes

When you gain upgrade clearance for a particular cabin, you can utilize the seat map to choose any available seat across any cabin if you let go of automatic complimentary upgrades.

Select Not to Accept Free Upgrades if you:

  • Choose your preferred upgraded seat.
  • Keep in mind to select your upgrade while you are still eligible.
  • Accept having a lesser priority when you are qualified to choose your desired seat.

Rules & Guidelines

Now that you know how to upgrade Delta Flights, let’s discuss its terms & condition.

  • When making a flight reservation, you can manually request an upgrade on the Passenger Information screen.
  • Once you’ve made a reservation, you can find your flight in My Trips and make an upgrade request.
  • When checking in for a flight, Medallion Members who are not selected to get automatic Delta Comfort+ upgrades can request an upgrade to any available seat or just an aisle or window seat. Your request for an upgrade will be put on the Airport Standby list once you have chosen your preferred seat during check-in. Then, according to availability and clearance priority, Delta will clear the upgrade.
  • The airline will prioritize Medallion Members who opt for free upgrades before checking in as long as they do so within their eligibility timeframe.
  • You might be upgraded to a more luxurious choice if you asked for an upgrade for more than one cabin.
  • If you get a seat promotion to Delta Comfort+, you will still be eligible for free upgrades to the flight’s most upscale cabin.
  • The airline will put you on standby for such an upgrade if there are no available Delta Comfort+ upgrades. Upon check-in, you can access My Trips or the Fly Delta App to see your position on the standby list.
  • Beginning 48 hours before departure, Medallion Members wouldn’t be able to choose an upgrade or switch seats on flights departing from Paris (CDG) and Amsterdam (AMS).

Delta Upgrade Tips: Maximize Your Chances

Here are some additional tips-.

  • Look for First Class/Comfort Plus upgrades frequently. 
  • After making a reservation up to three hours before departure, you can do it at or the Fly Delta app. Prices change, so you might find alternatives that offer a better deal.
  • Think about using miles to reserve Premium Select or upgrade to Premium Select. This cabin is more comfortable than the Delta Main Cabin and costs less than the Delta One.
  • If you’re flying Aeromexico, be sure the business class costs are fair. 
  • When the airline oversold its flight, and you voluntarily give up your seat, request an upgrade. The gate agent will decide whether to do this at their discretion, although they have the power to upgrade you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, find your booking in your Fly delta App or the My trips section. Then, you can request the Delta Comfort+ Upgrade and then tick on the “Upgrade Preferences” option.

Afterward, select both options, “request Upgrade” and “upgrade only if Preferred seats are available.”

The passengers must travel 25000 miles/30 segments on Delta/partner airlines and spend either $3000 on Delta Airlines/Partners or $25000 on credit cards co-branded with Delta.

To upgrade your seat, you may require 5000 miles when flying within the US. And if flying internationally, you will need up to 20,000 miles.