Planning a trip, worried about which seat you will get! Not to worry anymore, as passengers can select their desired seats for their journey during the flight. Many airlines offer passengers to choose their seats while booking. Delta, one of the most popular airlines, has come up with a Delta Airlines seat selection process that allows passengers to select their seats during or after the booking. Therefore, any class category passenger can choose the seat, yet they have to pay an additional fee for selecting seats. Here are some benefits and procedures that passengers should know while choosing a seat on a flight.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection – Necessary Points

According to the Delta Airlines seat selection, passengers can choose their desired seats according to their requirements, like window seats, extra legroom seats, aisle seats, preferred seats, etc. Delta Airlines has many class options from which passengers can choose their preferred seat. The seat selection cost depends upon the seat class in which the passenger has booked their tickets.

  • Passengers can select seats through the Delta official website or call their support team.
  • While booking a flight, the airline does not charge any fee for selecting a seat in advance.
  • The airline does not ensure that passengers with economy seats get a seat next to their relatives or friends.
  • The seat selection charges depend upon the type of seat selected and the cabin class.
  • Seven days before departure, passengers can choose their seats in economy class.

Different Types of Seats on Delta

Before moving to the seat selection process, let us first know the types of seats Delta offers.

Economy class Seats

Economy seats have restrictions on any Delta ticket that involves not having the option to choose their seats. The airline will allot economy passengers with random seats that are available. Passengers may not get a seat next to their family or friends. Before seven days of departure, passengers can purchase a seat and book in economy class.

Main cabin

It is also a part of economy class seats with a free main cabin seat feature. Passengers can upgrade their seats to their preferred seats or Delta comfort plus seats. Also, the airline offers to upgrade to enhanced economy tickets for extra amenities.

Delta Main Cabin Preferred Seats

These seats are similar to main cabin seats with the same functions, yet the difference is that these seats are placed at the exit rows, windows, or aisle seats that are located in front of the flight.

Comfort plus

In this category, passengers can select the seats from the Delta seat map according to availability. The comfort plus offers extra legroom space with an assigned overhead bin area for all passengers. Thus, it provides all its domestic and international passengers with complimentary beer and wine. 

Premium class seats

In Delta, premium economy is known as premium select, which offers larger seats, better reclines, two free checked baggage, and many amenities. Choosing seats in this class is free of charge.

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Delta One and first-class seats

Passengers in these classes can select their seats within their cabin class. These cabin classes offer a variety of services to their passengers, including premium meals, complimentary drinks, two-checked baggage, priority boarding, etc.

Seat TypePitchWidth
Economy Class, Main Cabin31-32 inches18-19 inches
Premium Economy Class and Comfort+Class 38 inches18.5-19 inches
Business Class and Delta One77-81 inches 21-24 inches

How to Select a Seat on Delta Airlines?

Passengers can choose their seats through online and offline processes on Delta Airlines. While booking the flight, passengers can choose a seat by visiting the official website or calling the airline’s customer service number.

Online Process of Seat Selection

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Go to the Manage Booking section.
  • Enter the first and last name along with the booking number. 
  • After that, choose the seat selection option.
  • Check out the layout for seats on the flight.
  • Choose the desired seat for traveling on the flight
  • Now, after choosing a seat, pay the seat selection fee, if required.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.

Delta Seat Selection via Phone Call

  • Contact the Delta customer care service to speak with a representative.
  • Wait for the IVR to respond.
  • Press the required number for the seat selection service.
  • Once the passenger connects to the representative, request seat selection.
  • Provide the remaining details related to the booking to a representative.
  • After choosing the seat, pay the required seat selection fee.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.

Seat Selection at the time of Check-in

Another option to select a seat on a Delta flight is at the time of check-in. Here are the quick steps to get a seat.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Select the check-in option at the top menu.
  • Enter the flight confirmation number and departure city to access your flight information. 
  • Now, you will have the option of selecting a seat.
  • Now, choose the seat at your convenience. 
  • Pay any extra charges, and complete the process of check-in.
Delta Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Fee

There is a certain seat selection fee that the airline charges for selecting a seat. However, it depends on the seat type and the passenger’s destination. No seat selection fee is applicable if the passenger chooses seats within 24 hours of booking while purchasing the tickets. Delta Airlines seat selection fee starts from $15 for a seat selection after 24 hours of booking, according to the type of seat.

Delta Seat Map   

Every Delta flight has a different seating layout according to the aircraft. However, passengers can book a seat with the help of the seat map that is available while booking a flight and choose a seat of their preference. The seat selection fee depends on the seat passengers have chosen.

  • Airbus A330-200 has seats 32 for delta comfort, 34 for delta one, and economy seats 168.
  • Airbus A330-900neo has seats 56 delta comfort, 29 delta one, 28 Premium Economy, and 168 Economy seats.
  • Boeing 777-200ER/LR has 90 Delta comfort seats, 28 Delta One seats, 48 premium select seats, and 122 economy class seats.

Upgradation of seats on Delta Airlines

Passengers who want a seat with extra space or more comfort can upgrade their seats to Delta Comfort, Delta One, Delta Premium Select, or First-class. The airline suggests requesting an upgrade for all the bookings. Therefore, an upgradation fee depends upon the seat selected and the type of flight. There are a few steps included to upgrade the seat on Delta.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Go to the manage my booking option.
  3. Click on the option of a seat upgrade.
  4. Choose the required seat type for the flight.
  5. Pay for the desired seat.
  6. A confirmation mail will be sent to the mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions – Delta Airlines Seat Selection

There is no significant difference between the seats, and the main cabin seats are usually the standard cabin seats. The only difference is that preferred seats are window or aisle seats located at the front of the plane or the exit rows.

The Delta preferred seats are considered more comfortable seats with extra legroom and benefits. Therefore, the preferred seat price depends upon the flight.

Passengers have the option to choose their seats based on their preferences and availability up to 24 hours before their flight. However, the airline does charge a fee for this service.

For passengers who do not book seats during online check-in or do not pay for the seat, then the airline will randomly assign the seat free of cost. Moreover, it is not sure that they will get a seat next to their relatives or family.

Passengers must know some basic steps while booking a seat on Delta. Firstly, visit the official website and go to manage my trips option. And check the details of the flight. Now click on seat selection and choose the seat that the passenger requires to book. After selecting the flight, pay for the selected seat. Therefore, a confirmation mail will be sent to the mail address.

Preferred seats are the same as main cabin seats with the same features, yet the difference is that these seats are placed at the exit rows, windows, or aisle seats that are located in front of the flight. Passengers can deboard the flight as soon as possible, as it is close to the gate.

Passengers can choose their desired seats according to their requirements on Delta Airlines. It has many cabin options from which passengers can choose their required seats. The seat selection cost depends upon the seat class in which passenger has booked their tickets.

Passengers can upgrade their seating preference on Delta Airlines from economy to Delta One, Delta Comfort, premium select, or first-class. The fee for upgradation depends on the seat type.

There could be any reason that a passenger is unable to select a seat on Delta:

  • Passengers can select their seats once the check-in procedure starts.
  • If another passenger has already booked the seat and it is showing unavailable on the Delta seat map, the seat will not get selected.
  • Moreover, passengers should check the guidelines for the process of booking a seat.