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There are various alternatives available to Delta when a passenger misses a flight. These choices change based on several circumstances and the Delta No Show Policy. Without receiving prior notice, if a traveler misses their flight, Delta may rebook them on the following trip. However, if a traveler missed their flight and doesn’t show up, they can incur fees or have their right to board revoked. Read this blog thoroughly and learn more about the Delta No-Show Policy.

What is Delta No Show Policy?

No Show is when a passenger does not show up for their scheduled flight and also does not inform the airline regarding the same.

Delta Airlines knows that travel plans change. And if passengers need to make changes, they can make or cancel their flight by visiting the My Trips option. Or they can open the fly Delta app on their phone. But you should do this before the flight departure to retain the value of the ticket. Delta will retain the value of the passengers’ tickets if they are not showing up for their flight on time without canceling or changing their flight before their scheduled departure.

The airline will also cancel all the remaining future flights on the same itinerary. Also, the airline will not allow any changes in the basic economy tickets.

What Happens if you Don’t Show up for Delta Flights?

When a passenger is unable to make it to their flight, then, the Delta No Show Policy came into the picture. According to this policy, travelers who miss the flight aren’t entitled to a refund or to fly with Delta Airlines again in the future. A traveler will incur additional penalties and fines including detention or arrest if he is more than two hours late for his departure and does not appear at the terminal within that time.

Let’s assume that customers purchase their flights via their website and travel agents. Delta may charge you the full ticket price plus any associated taxes and fees if you don’t show up for such a flight. In some cases, Delta airlines may impose a fee on the passengers’ credit reports.

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Delta No Show Guidelines

A traveler may occasionally make a reservation but not cancel it or utilize the ticket. The person will then be noted as a no-show. In that case, the Delta No Show policy works for those passengers. As a result, the no-show policy of this airline, which prohibits notifying the air operator of a missing flight, applies to all tickets bought through it. This will come into effect on March 31, 2021.

Updates on Delta No Show Policy

All tickets bought or reissued on or after March 31, 2021, are subject to Delta No Show policy. To keep the worth of their ticket, Delta will ask customers to inform the airline before their departure if they wish to amend or cancel their reservation. A customer will lose the cost of their ticket if they are a no-show and fail to inform Delta or their travel agent in advance of a modification or cancellation.

Only issuing tickets on or after March 31, 2021, are subject to the Delta No Show Policy. Customers whose tickets were acquired before March 31, 2021, and who do not voluntarily change/cancel before departure, will retain the worth of their tickets.

  1. You’ll be listed as a no-show if you don’t. This regulation needs to be followed for travelers to save the value of their plane tickets.
  2. Refundable tickets are exempt from this rule.
  3. All additional reservations made on an itinerary identical to your missed travel will be canceled if you don’t notify the airline.
  4. This is for connecting flights.
  5. If you purchase a cheap ticket, you will not receive a refund if you fail to arrive at the airport.

Post Departure Changes Exceptions

Passengers can contact the delta reservation department after the original departure date and time. And if ticket coupons are open for utilization then the agent will help you as follows:

  • If passengers are ready to make modifications, the bookings can be changed, & they can reissue the ticket to get the value of the ticket.
  • If passengers are not ready to make new bookings, then contact delta reservations or Global Sales Support.
  • However, if the airline suspends the ticket coupons, there will be no ticket value remaining on the ticket.

Involuntary No Show for Schedule Change Events and Irregular Operations

Those tickets were interrupted by the major schedule change and irregular operations events are not subject to the Delta No show policy. Major schedule change includes:

  • Delay of more than 120 minutes.
  • Addition of more than one or one stops to the existing booking.
  • A change to DL Connection airline from DL Mainline.
  • Seat/cabin Downgrade
  • Canceled flight with no preferred routing and no comparable option available.

In addition, to get more information, you can contact Delta Reservations or Global Sales Support for assistance.

Delta No Show Policy – Charges

Delta Airlines will charge the no-show fee as per the Delta No Show policy. If you are not able to show up for your booked flight, Delta will charge you a $150 cancelation fee. And in case, you miss the connecting flight and can’t reach your destination timely, the airline will charge you $200. If the flyer is not available, the airline will add a no-show to their travel record with the airline. And the airline might take disciplinary action against the passengers, for instance canceling upcoming flights.

Is it Better to be a No-Show or Cancel the flight?

If you think you will not be able to catch your scheduled flight it is better to cancel the flight. It’s best to cancel the flight if you know you won’t be able to make it than to show up unannounced. In the event of a cancellation, Delta will give you partial or full credit for the original fare which you can use on an upcoming flight. You probably won’t get the whole fare back because many airlines charge a fee of $200 to change a flight along with the price of the ticket difference when rebooking. It’s less probable that you will recover any portion of the fare if you don’t show up, though.

If you require flexibility, it is crucial to read the small print when making a reservation. Because modification costs and cancellation regulations can differ by airline and by price class. Although more economical, the basic economy has severe cancellation and change regulations. And once the first 24 hours after the purchase has passed, passengers cannot alter their tickets at all. You risk losing the full cost of the ticket if you need to modify or cancel the basic economy ticket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers can not get a refund generally for the missed flight or the flight they don’t show up for, even if it is accidental. However, Delta may rebook the passengers on the next flight, though there will be a fee.