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Passengers often get in a situation where they have to cancel their travel plans. Whenever we think of cancelation lots of questions come into our mind. Whether passengers have booked using miles or cash, there is a fear of losing the value. Moreover, canceling the flight on each airline can be tricky. But Air Canada is slightly different from other legacy carriers. It has a comprehensive cancellation and refund policy. Even if the traveler has booked via cash or points, it outlines each aspect of the booking. However, passengers can be still worried about how to cancel an Air Canada flight booked with points. The reason to be worried is apparent as Aeroplan points are at stake. These points are equivalent to a few dollars and can be redeemed at various places. 

So, in this particular blog, we will dig into the details of canceling the award flight tickets and the steps that need to be taken to not lose points. 

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Is It Possible To Cancel Air Canada Flight Booked With Points?

Before answering how to cancel an Air Canada flight booked with points, another question that arises is whether Air Canada allows the cancellation of award tickets. Air Canada allows passengers to cancel their bookings up to 2 hours before departure, even if it is booked with points or cash. A certain fee is chargeable against cancelation that depends upon the type of fare. The airline has many categories of booking flights with points and accordingly, the cancelation fee is applied. 

  • Passengers can cancel their booked flight at least two hours before departure, even with points.
  • Refunds can take one to three months to get credit in the passenger’s account. 
  • If passengers cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking, no charges will be applied.
  • However, if passengers fail to cancel their ticket reservation made through Aeroplan points and do not board the plane, then the airline will forfeit their booking. In that case, Air Canada will not revert back the points to the account.
  • When an airline cancels the flight, passengers are liable to get compensation. 
  • Passengers who booked their flights with points might receive a refund including taxes for unused trip segments after cancelation.  
  • Depending on the fare, canceling reward flight bookings may incur a cancelation fee.
  • If the award flight is booked using multiple fare options, then Air Canada will apply the most restrictive cancellation fee. 

24-hour Cancellation Rule For Flights Booked With Points

Passengers who cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking using cash or points on Air Canada will not have to pay an additional cancelation charge. But if a passenger fails to cancel within 24 hours, a cancelation fee will be applicable. 

Same-Day Cancellation Of Aeroplan Award Ticket

Air Canada allows passengers to cancel their booking on the same day of departure, at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. The fee is applied for making cancelations depending on the fare type and method of cancelation.  

Award Ticket Cancellation Rules Vary With Fare Types

Air Canada has many fare options that passengers can choose from according to their requirements and budget. Each fare type has its own benefits and restrictions. 

Basic Economy

It is the most restrictive fare available on Air Canada. The airline does not allow passengers with basic economy tickets to change their booking even with points. These takes are not eligible for refund or future travel credit.

Non-Refundable Fare

The non-refundable fare includes categories, like standard, flex, comfort, non-flexible business, or premium economy fares. This means passengers with these tickets have to pay a cancelation fee and the remaining unused portion of the ticket can be used for travel. After canceling the ticket, the refund amount is credited to the travel credits for future bookings, which is valid for one year from the date of issue. 

Refundable Tickets 

The category includes latitude and flexible premium economy or business fares in refundable tickets. Cancelation with these tickets is easy and can be canceled before departure and passengers will receive their refund within 7 days to their original mode of payment. 

How to Cancel a Flight Booked with Points on Air Canada?

The process to cancel a booking made with Air Canada Aeroplan points is quick and easy. Travelers can use any mode at their convenience. 

Online Process to Cancel Aeroplan Ticket

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada.
  • Continue with the manage my booking option.
  • Mention the booking number and passenger details.
  • Choose the flight cancellation option.
  • Click the continue key to cancel the booking.
  • If passengers have booked using points can choose to get their refund to their travel account in the form of points. 
  • Pay for the cancellation fee if required.
  • Fill out the refund form to process the refund, if a passenger is eligible.
  • Later, a confirmation mail will be sent to the mail address.

Request Cancellation of Flight Booked with Points By Calling Air Canada

If the passenger is wondering about how to cancel an Air Canada flight booked with points over a phone call, then here are the steps. 

  • Call the official helpline number of the airline.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and press the desired key.
  • After connecting with an executive, request them to cancel the booking.
  • The executive will ask about the passenger’s details and booking number.
  • Now, the agent will cancel the booking, which the passenger has requested.
  • And, will start the process to credit their points to their Aeroplan account. 
  • The passenger has to pay the cancellation fee if liable.
  • Passengers can also ask the executive for a refund if they are eligible.
  • Hence, passengers will receive the mail about cancelation at the mail address.

It can be challenging to connect with an executive over the phone during rush hours. Thus, canceling the booking online is the most convenient way.  

At the Airport

Passengers can have plan changes at the last moment even after reaching the airport. However, passengers can visit the airline counter to raise a request for cancellation of the booking. The executive will guide passengers through the process. After canceling the ticket, passengers can fill out the refund form, if they are eligible for a refund to their account in the form of points. However, passengers also have to pay a cancellation fee if required. 

Fees Charged For Cancelling Flights Booked With Aeroplan Points

Air Canada charges an additional fee when passengers cancel their flight after 24 hours of booking. The variation in the Air Canada cancelation fee depends on the type of fare and the medium opted by the passenger to cancel their booking. So, whether the traveler has booked with cash or with points, the fare rules will apply in the last. Passenger with Altitude Super Elite 100k status can cancel their booking for free.

Canceling the normal or award flight tickets is cheaper when it is done online. Passengers will end up paying an extra cancelation fee if they do it at the contact centers. 

Type of Fare 
Cancelation Fee per Ticket through AirCanada.comCancelation Fee per Ticket through Contact Centre
EconomyStandard $150$175
LatitudeNo feesNo fees
Premium EconomyLowest$150$175
FlexibleNo feesNo fees
FlexibleNo feesNo fees
FlexibleNo feesNo fees
Air Canada Cancellation Fees for Award Tickets

Does Air Canada Offer Refund On Cancellation Of Flights Booked With Points?

The airline provides a refund to passengers who cancel their flights. If a passenger cancels their tickets within 24 hours of booking, the airline gives a complete refund without charging any fee. In the case of booking with points, there will be no deduction in points. 

However, if cancellation is after 24 hours of booking, the airline charges a fee and provides the refund in the original form of payment. It will take up to 7 to 20 business days to receive the refund. However, if passengers choose a refund in the form of travel credits, they will receive it instantaneously. In the event of canceling the ticket beyond the risk-free period, the airline will deduct the points equivalent to the cancelation fee and refund the remaining points. 

What Happens If Air Canada Cancels or Reschedules Your Award Flight?

Due to any unavoidable conditions, if the airline cancels the flight, Air Canada will provide an alternative flight to passengers. However, if passengers do not agree to board the flight they can request compensation. The airline will compensate you with a complete refund. The refund will be credited to the original mode of payment or as a travel credit for future bookings. 

In the case of reward flight booking, the airline will reinstate all the Aeroplan points. There will be no deduction or loss of points.

Ways to Use Air Canada Travel E-Voucher 

Passengers can use E-vouchers for traveling on Air Canada which is issued in the form of a letter. A letter contains passengers a 13-digit electronic voucher number which can be transferable to any person by calling the Air Canada reservation department. Passengers can redeem the voucher once the booking is completed on Air Canada and select the voucher type to pay for the flight booking. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers when canceling their flights within 24 hours of booking, Air Canada does not charge any cancelation fee for tickets booked with cash or points. However, when passengers fail to cancel within 24 hours, an additional charge is applicable on all tickets.

Passengers can cancel their flight booked with points through online or offline processes. With the online process, passengers can cancel by visiting the Air Canada website. Whereas, in the offline method, passengers can call the helpline number of Air Canada and request the executive to cancel their flight booking with points.

The airline charges a certain fee for canceling the booking even if the booking is done in the form of cash or points. The charges for award tickets are $100 each way, with Aeroplan diamond points $75, and for Altitude Super Elite members there are no charges.

Yes, passengers can cancel their flight booked with points up to two hours before the scheduled departure. However, a certain fee is applicable depending on the fare type and mode of cancelation.


Air Canada clearly states that traveler can cancel their booking at least up to two hours before flight departure.

Passengers can call the Air Canada helpline number to cancel the flight booking. The number varies according to the country. Thus, the phone number for contacting Air Canada in the United States is +1 888-247-2262.

After canceling their ticket, travelers will receive their points utilized for booking in less than 24 hours back to their Aeroplan account.

Yes, you can get your Aeroplan points back if you cancel your Air Canada fight. However, only the valid and unused flights will be refunded by the airlines, along with the applicable taxes, fees, and charges associated with the flight. Moreover, you’ll get the refund in the original form of booking.

Yes, you can cancel a flight booked with Aeroplan points. Moreover, the airline does not charge any cancellation fee if the flight ticket was purchased using these miles.

Yes, you can change a flight booked with Aeroplan points. To change the flight ticket, reach out to the Aeroplan contact center by dialing their phone number. However, it is essential to make all the modifications at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight.


If you cancel your flight booked through Aeroplan points within 24 hours of making the flight reservation, the airline offers a full refund. Also, the airline provides the refund in the original form of payment.

You can revoke your flight booked with Aeroplan points online. To cancel your flight online, you need to visit the official website. Next, go to the “My Booking” section and follow the on-screen instructions to revoke your reservation.

According to Air Canada 24 hour if you cancel your flight booked with Aeroplan points within 24 hours of booking, then you don’t have to pay the cancellation fees. Moreover, you are eligible to get a full refund from the airline.