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Travelers want proper comfort and space during their trip. But few passengers who are oversized or just want to have more privacy prefer occupying an extra seat. Thus, they prefer airlines that offer the option of purchasing an extra seat.  United Airlines is one of those airlines. Flyers who find difficulties in adjusting to one seat can book an extra seat on United Airlines. The airlines offers a service that allows passengers to add an extra seat for their flight before departure. Now, the question arises, how to book an extra seat on United Airlines? We will discuss it later, but before that let us understand a few guidelines before purchasing an extra seat on United Airlines.

  • Travelers can book an extra seat while or after the booking. 
  • The airline allows flyers to book up to two seats i.e., one original and one extra seat. 
  • To book an extra seat, travelers must pay the same amount as regular tickets. 
  • Passengers will get an extra boarding pass for the extra seat on United Airlines. 
  • United Airlines allows passengers to bring total baggage for two seats. 
  • An extra seat booking can be made through the official website and over a phone call. 
  • With extra seats, carry-on baggage allowance remains the same for the passenger. However, the checked baggage allowance gets doubled.

How to Book an Extra Seat on United Airlines?

The answer to our question about how travelers can book an extra seat on United Airlines flights is both Offline and Online ways.  Flyers can utilize the official website, and the app, or make extra seat reservations through a phone call. These methods are convenient and simple to use. 

Book Extra Seat on United Airlines

Book an Extra Seat Via the Official Website or the App

The steps to buy an extra seat at United Airlines either through the app or the website are similar. 

  • Flyers need to visit the official website of United Airlines or log in to the app. 
  • From the flight section, enter the flight departure and destination.
  • Herein, select the trip type and schedule of the flight.
  • Choose the number of passengers according to the age group. So, if you are an individual passenger who is willing to buy 2 seats, then enter the number of passengers as 2. 
  • Now, search for the flight and select one.
  • Now enter the first passenger details. In the second passenger details, there is an option of “This is an extra seat”, click on the check box.
  • In the tab, United Airlines will ask for whom this extra seat is for and what is the purpose of this extra seat. 
  • Fill out the rest of the details and pay for both seats.
  • Lastly, a confirmation mail will be sent to the mail address. 

Purchase an Extra Seat Through a Phone Call

Another convenient way to grab an extra seat is by directly calling the United Airlines executives. Check the steps below:

  • Travelers can call the airline at their official numbers.
  • After the IVR instructions choose the preferred key.
  • The representative will connect with the passengers.
  • Passengers can request to book an extra seat along with the original seat.
  • Share the flight details and passengers’ information.
  • Then, pay for the seats through a debit or credit card.
  • Flyers will receive mail at the mail address. 

Passengers who are willing to add an extra seat after the flight booking can do it via the Manage Booking option. 

How to Buy an Extra Seat with United Airlines Miles?

The steps for purchasing an extra seat on United Airlines with miles are very similar to the cash payment. Only at the time of entering passenger details, they can switch from cash to miles payment.

  • Travelers can also use miles to book an extra seat on United Airlines according to the award availability. 
  • With the exception that when the original ticket is booked through miles, passengers can book the extra seat using miles. 
  • The number of miles depends on the distance and type of seat. 
  • The passenger will earn miles for buying an extra seat and can check it in their Mileage Plus Account. It will be mentioned as “Extra Seat Credit.” However, these miles will not count towards elite qualifying miles.

What is the Price for an Extra Seat on United Airlines?

When passengers buy an extra seat, the cost of that seat will be the same as for the original seat, provided they book at the same time. But, if a passenger books an extra seat after booking, the price for the seat depends on the current date price, which might be higher. 

Somehow, if passengers fail to book an extra seat on time and later there is no availability of seats, United Airlines would recommend changing their flight that offers an extra seat. 

Remember, if travelers have a booking with an extra seat and they intend to change/reschedule it later, then they have to pay the double United Airlines change fee.

Baggage Allowance with an Extra Seat on United Airlines

According to the United Airlines baggage allowance, the carry-on rule applies per passenger basis. So, even if the flyer has an extra seat, their standard carry-on allowance does not change. 

United Airlines allows its passengers to bring carry-on baggage and one personal item for free on domestic and international flights. However, there are some restrictions on weight and size. 

  • The bag must fit in the overhead bin space with dimensions not exceeding 9*14*22 inches. 
  • For a personal item, passengers must keep it in front of their seat with dimensions of 9*10*17 inches. 
  • If the carry-on baggage exceeds the required weight, it will be considered as checked baggage. 

On the other hand, United Airlines checked baggage rules are according to seats reserved. Thus, if a passenger has an extra seat they can get the benefit of more checked baggage. Their checked baggage allowance gets double. 

  • The standard size of the checked baggage should be 30 in x 20 in x 12 in. 
  • The weight of the bag for the United Airlines Economy and Premium Economy classes is 23 kg.
  • United Airlines Business, First, and Polaris classes can bring a bag weighing 32 kg.

When to Purchase an Extra Seat?

United Airlines wants a comfortable journey for all its passengers and for that, the airline suggests booking an extra seat when: 

  • One cannot buckle their seatbelt, even while using the seatbelt extender.
  • The seat armrest won’t stay down when passengers are sitting on their seats.
  • When a traveler is using part of the seat next to them while seated. 

Somehow, if a flight does not have availability of an extra seat, passengers must change their flight to get an extra seat. 

Check for an Extra Seat With Movable Armrests 

Most passengers fit on a seat with a fixed armrest and do not require an extra seat or a movable armrest for comfort. Yet, travelers who require more space to fit on a seat and with a movable armrest, so that they can sit comfortably. 

  • However, each row of armrests does not move. Make sure to check while making a booking for a seat. 
  • One can check while booking My Trips on the official website or through the United Airlines App. 
  • Later, see the type of aircraft the flyer is flying on and check the seats with movable armrests. 

Types of Seats on United Airlines 

United Airlines has many seating options from which passengers can choose according to their requirements and budget. 

Basic Economy Seats 

  • This seat type does not provide any complimentary service, like seat selection.
  • Though the seats are at a very nominal price.
  • United Airlines will assign a random seat once the check-in is done. 

Standard seats 

  • These are the basic seats for price-centric passengers.
  • It operates mainly on domestic routes.
  • And, have restrictions on seat selection, carry-on baggage, and many more.

Preferred Seats 

  • These seats are situated at the front of the plane, and just after the first-class cabin behind economy plus rows.
  • Passengers on preferred seats get many benefits, including they are among the first ones to board or de-board the plane. 
  • With these seats, travelers get an allowance for seat selection, baggage, and complimentary meals. 
  • Mileage Premier members can choose these seats without paying an extra fee to United Airlines. 

Economy Plus Seats

  • This seat type provides more space up to 6 inches of extra legroom and is situated near the front of the United Airlines Economy cabin.  
  • These seats are available on United Airlines flights and most United Express flights. 

Premium Plus Seats 

  • These seats are premium economy seats on United Airlines which is available on select flights.
  • The services and comfort of the premium plus seats are better than the economy seats.
  • These seats are free for passengers who book the premium cabin. 

United Airlines First and Business Class

  • The seats in these classes are of great comfort and luxury. 
  • The seats are reclinable. Moreover, passengers do not have to pay for seats when traveling in first or business class. 
  • Also, passengers get priority check-in and boarding.

Why to Book an Extra Seat on United Airlines?

There are many benefits to booking an extra seat at United Airlines, yet, passengers have to pay for the additional seat the price same as the original seat. 

  • Travelers will receive more legroom and more space.
  • United allows passengers to buy an extra seat who do not fit in one seat.
  • A designated overhead bin space is assigned for both seats. 
  • Moreover, travelers who are health-conscious might feel more comfortable with more space between them and strangers.
  • Also, solo, couples, or families might want the space that premium class provides but not want to pay for premium class. In that case, booking multiple economy seats might be less expensive.

Is It Worth to Purchase an Extra Seat on United Airlines?

According to United Airlines, it allows to book an extra seat for its travelers who do not fit on one seat and require more space. Therefore, the additional seat will offer more comfort and space to have a comfortable flight. Passengers can buy additional seats through the official website or by calling the airline. Though United Airlines charges the same price as the original ticket, it is all worth the cost, as the extra seat will give flyers complete access to both seats and also the allowance to bring checked baggage of both seats. 

Moreover, passengers will also earn miles for booking an extra seat, which will be labeled as Extra Seat Credit in their mileage plan account. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I buy an extra seat on United Airlines?

Yes, you can book and buy an extra seat by visiting the official website or by calling the airline support team. However, the seat is chargeable and also depends on the availability.

How many extra seats can I book on United Airlines?

Travelers can book one extra seat with United Airlines. Thus, one passenger can occupy a maximum of two seats on United. However, not every airline allows passengers to buy extra seats.

What are the benefits of booking an extra seat on United Airlines?

Travelers get many benefits including more legroom, comfortable space, and allotted overhead bin space for both seats. Moreover, they will earn miles and have more checked baggage allowance.

Why should I book an extra seat on United Airlines?

You must buy an extra seat when passengers face problems in adjusting to one seat and disturbing the space of their neighbor’s seat. Also, if you are health conscious or need privacy can buy an extra seat.  

How do I book an extra seat on United Airlines?

You can book an extra seat through the official website and continue with the manage my booking feature, via a mobile app, or by calling the airline team and requesting them to book an additional seat on their behalf. 

Can I use miles to book an extra seat on United Airlines?

Yes, you can purchase an extra seat using miles. In the payment option, you need to enter the frequent flyer number and the miles will be deducted from the MileagePlus account.

How much does United Airlines charge for an extra seat?

United Airlines charges passengers to buy an extra seat as the same as for the original seat, provided they book at the same time. The price may get higher if they choose to buy it later. 

What will be the United Airlines baggage allowance for an extra seat?

When a traveler purchases an extra seat, the carry-on allowance remains the same for the passenger. However, the checked baggage allowance will be double for a passenger, since they have two seats.

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