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Has it ever happened to you that you missed your American Airlines flight, Now you might be confused about the other next step that needs to be taken for your journey. No problem, American Airlines missed flight policy got your back. The airline understands all the concerns that you have in your mind, therefore the airline offers you the option to rebook your flight.

What Is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

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There are multiple reasons which can lead to missed scheduled flights such as heavy traffic or any other unexpected situation. Therefore, American Airlines missed flight policy permits a 15-minute rebooking option for all its flyers. Here are the highlights of American Airlines Missed flight policy:

  • As per the policy of missed flights of American Airlines, passengers are allowed to rebook their flight with remaining seats in case of a missed flight.
  • If a passenger misses their flight due to any reason then they can make modifications to their itinerary within 15 minutes of the departure of the flight.
  • However, the airline will consider the flight of the passenger as a ‘No Show’ on the scheduled flight if they make a delay in rebooking their next flight.
  • If the flight of American Airlines gets canceled or delayed from their end, then the airline will rebook the traveler’s flight without charging any additional cost.
  • However, if you are responsible for your missed flight, then American Airlines will charge you an additional fee.
  • Flyers are allowed to rebook their flight under the No Show policy within 2 hours. And if you rebook your flight within 2 hours then the airline will not charge any fee from you.

American Airlines Missed Connecting Flights Policy

As per the missed flight American Airlines policy if a passenger misses their connecting flight then the airline will rebook your flight for you and will bear all the food hotel stay and other expenses for you.

However, if you are traveling with one more passenger, then the airline will have o obligation to bear your expenses to reach your final destination.

How Does American Airlines No Show Policy Works?

Here are some key points that a traveler must know about American Airlines No Show policy:

  • If a passenger reaches the late at airport but still has two hours remaining till the next flight. In that scenario, American Airlines will organize the travel of the passenger on the next flight as a standby passenger without imposing any additional charges on the passenger.
  • If a passenger misses their connecting flight due to cancellation or delay of the flight. Then the airline allows the passenger to change it for free to a consecutive flight.
  • The passengers must reach the airport at least two hours before the departure of their original flight. This is in the situation where the passenger needs further compensation or a new flight reservation in place of the flight they missed earlier.
  • As per the ‘No Show’ policy of American Airlines, the airline will not compensate the passengers if they have missed their flight after completing the security check-in.

What To Do When You Missed American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

If you have missed your American Airlines flight then you must know what your rights are and what you can do about it.

  • If a passenger misses their flight, they should contact American Airlines as soon as possible to rebook their flight.
  • If a passenger misses their flight by less than 24 hours, or if their trip plans change after contacting the American Airlines representative, then there are some options available for the passengers to help them with the time & money they lost on the unused travel tickets.
  • If a passenger reaches the airport on the correct time but still misses their flight then in that case the airline will book a new flight for the passenger free of cost.
  • If the delay or cancellation of the flight made by American Airlines ends then the airline will rebook the next available flight for the passenger.

What is the Procedure To Re-Book the American Airlines Missed Flight?

If a passenger misses their American Airlines flight due to any reason, then they can rebook their flight. Passengers can choose online or offline mode to rebook their flight.

Through the Website

Here are the steps to rebook the missed flight on American Airlines:

  • To begin with, the rebooking flight procedure passenger must visit the American Airlines official website and log into their account.
  • Now, check the flight status that you have missed.
  • Now, select your new flight and enter all the necessary information about your destination and the number of passengers traveling.
  • After providing all the required details, you’ll see a list of all the available flights on your device’s screen. So, you can select the flight accordingly.
  • Once you choose your desired flight, you can check in and can get your boarding flight.
  • Now, make the payment for the new flight.
  • After the successful payment for the rebooked flight, you’ll receive a confirmation code on your registered e-mail ID.

By Contacting the Airline’s Executive

If you want to rebook your American Airline then you can follow these quick steps:

  • The first step to rebook your missed flight is to connect with the customer support team of American Airlines.
  • Once you get connected with the team representative inform them that you have missed your flight.
  • The representative of American Airlines will tell you the missed flight policy and will provide you with the best flight as per your location.
  • To rebook your flight, make sure that you follow all the IVR instructions.
  • Now, make the copayment and wait for the confirmation mail from American Airlines.

Does American Airlines Charge Fee For Missed Flight?

The fee charged for AA missed flights depends on various factors such as the travel class of the passenger, type of flight, and flight length as well. Therefore, the missed flight fee depends on the type of flight. American Airlines can charge around $75 in case of all domestic flights & $500 for all international flights.

However, if the flight is delayed or canceled because of the American Airlines fault, then the airline will rebook a flight for the passenger without charging any additional cost.

Does American Airlines Provide Refund For Missed Flights?

As per the American Airlines missed flight policy, the airline usually does not offer a refund if you miss your flight. However, there can be some special cases such as medical emergencies, the death of a close one, and delay or flight cancellation from American Airlines in which the airline provides a refund to the passenger for missing the flight. The passenger must get connected with the airline’s agent within 24 hours of their missed flight.

How To Claim Refund For American Airlines Missed Flight?

According to missed flights American Airlines policy, passengers are allowed to claim their refund by choosing any online or offline method.

Online Procedure

You can follow these steps to claim your missed flight refund through the official website of American Airlines:

  • The first step is to visit the official account of American Airlines.
  • Now, go to the ‘Manage Booking’ feature.
  • After selecting the manage my booking option, restore your travel ticket and then tap on the ‘Refund’ tab.
  • Enter all the required details to get the refund and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • After submitting the details, you’ll receive a confirmation mail from American Airlines.

Offline Procedure

Passengers can follow the given steps to claim a missed flight refund with the help of customer service:

  • To get a refund for an American Airlines missed flight dial the toll-free number of the customer care team.
  • Now, select the refund option available on the IVR menu.
  • After this, your call will be connected with the airline representative.
  • The representative of American Airlines will collect all the necessary details and will raise your request for a refund.
  • After successfully applying for the refund claim, you’ll get the refund amount directly in your registered account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-book my American Airlines missed flight via call?

Yes, you can rebook your missed flight by contacting the airline via call. You can get in touch with the airline representative by simply calling them on their toll-free number.

What if I missed my American Airlines flight with an award ticket?

As per the American Airlines missed flight policy, if you have missed your flight you have a free ticket for the flight which you get through the American Airlines Advantage program. However, you will still be treated as all the other paid flight ticket passengers.

What happens if I miss my flight because of a delay at American Airlines?
American Airlines will arrange a new flight (Rebook) for you, In case you miss your flight because of a delay by AA. The airline will transfer your luggage on their own, once you check in to your new flight.

What will happen if a passenger books the American Airlines flight and then misses it?

If you book a flight ticket from American Airlines and you miss it intentionally. Then the airline will charge you for booking a new flight ticket. So, make sure that you don’t miss your flight to avoid any other fees or charges.

Does American Airlines charge a fee if a traveler reschedules their flight after missing the previous flight?

If a traveler misses their flight due to any reason and reschedules a new flight for them then in this situation they need to pay the fee to reschedule their flight as per their fare class type.

How much does American Airlines charge fee if a passenger misses their flight?

According to the American Airlines missed flight policy, the passenger needs to pay a penalty or fee. The fee depends on whether you have a domestic or international flight. If you have a domestic flight then you need to pay around $75.However, if you have an international flight then you need to pay $500.

Can I travel on the next flight if I miss my last flight?

Yes, you can travel on the next flight if you missed the previous one. American Airlines will re-book a flight ticket for you if it was not your fault for missing the last flight.

How can I avoid missing my American Airlines flight?

If you want to avoid missing the flight with American Airlines then you can consider these points:

  • Check-in at the airport on time.
  • Make sure you reach the right gate number.
  • Keep all the required documents handy.
  • Reach the airport early.

What should the American Airlines flyer do after missing their flight?

If a flyer has missed their flight then they should talk to the airline agents as soon as possible so that the airline agent could help them in the best possible manner.

What will happen if I miss an American Airlines flight without canceling it?

If you have missed your American Airlines flight without canceling it then the airline will cancel all your booking including your return or connecting flights.

Can you get a refund if you miss your flight American Airlines?

If you miss your flight, then you can get a refund as per the American Airlines Refund Policy. You can request to claim your missed flight refund through the official website of American Airlines.

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