Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 06:44 am

Alaska Airlines is focused on providing you with the best possible help and support. Alaska always wants to make its customer experience unforgettable. However, the exceptionally high ticket price is the most disturbing thing when booking a ticket. However, passengers are offered a solution to this with the Alaska Airlines low fare calendar. 

The monthly fare options are readily available for passengers to compare. For example, the price of a one-way flight may be as low as $39. The flight costs for domestic and international routes are shown on the low fare calendar. With a low-fare calendar option, passengers can compare the best travel prices. In addition, the airlines’ search filter feature allows customers to tailor their flight tickets.

What is Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar helps passengers find great deals and discounts when traveling. This calendar’s special offers can make someone’s dream of traveling to their favorite place come true. Through this calendar, passengers can see the deals and prices of the flights on any day of the month. You can even book your flight immediately shown on this calendar. 

The Alaska Airlines low fare calendar displays its prices for the different dates, making finding the best time for booking tickets easier. This flexible dates option allows passengers to search cheapest tickets and plan their trip accordingly.

Moreover, you can find this calendar on Alaska airlines’ official site, where you can see the ticket price for the whole month for your preferred route. Using this calendar is easy; you just have to select the date and time. Then, you need to give the passengers’ names, airport names, months, and the number of tickets, and it will show you deals on flights for the entire month. 

How to Book Your Flight Through the Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

The Alaska Airlines low-fare calendar is available on its website to book flights using the tools. Passengers need to follow a few simple steps to book a ticket using a low-cost ticket, as described below. 

  1. Access the official website of Alaska Airlines on your desktop or mobile app. 
  2. Then, find the Reservation option, where you will see the All Search Options option. 
  3. Search and display the flight booking page.  
  4. You may need to choose from a round-trip, one-way, or multiple cities for your travel type. Next to “Flexible Dates” is a low-fare calendar box. Tick that box to select the option.
  5. Afterwards, go to the Rewards option if you pay in miles. 
  6. Enter the details, select the destination, the airport to board the plane, and select the number of passengers.  
  7. After entering all the details, click the “Find Flight” option. 
  8. The cheap fare calendar is displayed on the screen, and you can check the date of the month when the airfare is cheap. Select the desired date and continue the booking process. 
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment using the method you chose when booking.

Benefits of Using Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar

Alaska Airlines’ Cheap Fares Calendar is a tool that makes it easy for customers to do things by displaying a fare table for a particular month. 

  • It simplifies finding the best deals on flights and booking flights at great prices. 
  • The Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar is perfect for those who want to book their flights in advance. Booking your ticket in advance gives you the most flexible flight dates and makes it easy to switch to cheaper ticket prices. 
  • We provide passengers with budget-friendly flights in the most reliable way.  
  • Passengers can easily see the fares available for the month. For example, one-way flights only cost passengers up to $39. 
  • The low fare calendar includes domestic and international fares. 
  • With the help of a savings calendar, passengers can easily compare cheap flight offers. 
  • The airline search filter option allows passengers to customize their tickets quickly. 

Prerequisites for Using Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar

  • Book your flight through the Alaska Airlines low fare calendar if you want to leverage Alaska’s cheap flights. This is the best tool to find a great deal if you have a flexible travel date.
  • The first thing to do when you use the low-fare calendar is to find your need.
  • Be aware of the Alaska Airlines Cancellation and change policy before booking.
  • Under the Alaska Airlines Saver Fare offers, passengers cannot simply cancel their tickets.
  • Beyond 24 hours of the booking, Saver fare tickets cannot be changed.
  • Additionally, it’s simple to cancel the Main Cabin Fares. It is also possible to cancel beyond 24 hours of the reservation.
  • When using the Saver tickets, travelers can only choose their seats if there are a sufficient number of seats available. Otherwise, priority passengers are given to them.

Pro tip: If you want to change your flight using Alaska Airlines’ Main Cabin Fares, you can do it for free up to 24 hours after booking. The airline will then request payment of the needed fees to modify your bookings.


If you are searching for sales on Alaska Airlines flight tickets, search on the website on Mondays and Tuesdays. Each Monday has web specials. In addition, you can get the lowest fare, $49, for one way. Alaska Airlines also has a 3 pm Tuesday rule, which means you will get the cheapest flight fares.

May and June are the high seasons if you are booking your flight. So avoid these months as you could only find the expensive fares. The cheapest you could fly will be in September with Alaska Airlines.

The best way to get the cheapest airfare is:

  • Sign up for cheap fares alerts
  • Compare price online
  • Buy air tickets in advance
  • Do not book on Sunday and Monday
  • Use Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar