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Fly to your favorite vacation destination with low price tickets and flexible booking choices. Air Canada is one of the airlines that offer highly flexible booking and travel experiences. Let’s take a closer look at Air Canada Flexible Booking.

Brief About Air Canada Flexible Fares

Open tickets, also known as Flexi flights and flexible flights, allow travelers to change their travel dates free or at a lower cost than conventional airline tickets.

Why choose Air Canada for Flexible booking?

  1. Firstly, for the eighth time in 10 years, Air Canada has been named the best airline in North America.
  2. Secondly, the gateways allow for seamless communications under one roof.
  3. Thirdly, most flights have in-flight entertainment from gate to gate.
  4. Additionally, passengers enjoy luxury travel in Air Canada Signature Class on most international flights.
  5. Furthermore, there are almost 200 locations accessible globally.
  6. Also, check-in by mobile app, online, or mobile device is available.
  7. Moreover, Air Canada Rouge offers exciting destinations.
  8. Undoubtedly, the award-winning Maple Leaf Lounges may be found worldwide.

This is why booking with Air Canada is a suitable choice because you get Air Canada Flexible Booking options.

Air Canada Flexible Booking – More flexibility for members

Loyalty is more necessary than ever in these times, and airlines are aware that it works both ways. Given these exceptional conditions, they made the following modifications to the Aeroplan program. You may also read up on all the most recent developments on COVID-19 and how Air Canada and Aeroplan approach it, including any specific considerations for Aeroplan Elite Status Members.

Automatic extension of 2021 Aeroplan Elite Status

Any Aeroplan Elite Status you have as of 2021 will be automatically extended by the airline through the end of 2022. You will benefit from it at qualifying and through 2022 if you achieve a higher level before the end of this year.

  • In 2022, you will have the same choice of Select Benefits as last year, allowing you to get the bonus Aeroplan points, eUpgrade credits, and Status Passes that are most valuable to you.
  • For members who selected Lower Requalification Level as one of their 2021 Select Benefits before May 25, a one-time deposit of 5,000 Status Qualifying Miles and 5 Status Qualifying Segments will be made in early 2022.
  • They are also extending the validity of all Priority Reward coupons that have not yet been used, with coupons now valid through December 31, 2022. By January 2022, these extensions will be reflected on your account.
  • Only if you get a higher rank in 2021 than now will you be given a new membership kit for the upcoming year. Alternatively, you can access your membership card by using your 2021 baggage tags & the Air Canada mobile app.

In this way, Air Canada Flexible Booking stands out.

Change policy for Aeroplan flight rewards

  1. Air Canada is eliminating all change fees to eliminate all change costs for Aeroplan travel awards through July 5, 2022. A one-time modification fee will no longer apply to flight rewards if made before July 6, 2022.
  2. Firstly, if you make a voluntary modification, you must pay the difference in points, or if your new route uses fewer points, you may get a partial refund.
  3. Secondly, when modifying your itinerary, additional taxes & fees can be charged.
  4. Thirdly, call the Aeroplan Contact Center to alter a flight reward.
  5. Furthermore, all flight rewards must be adjusted at least two hours before departure.
Booking dateDate of changeChange fee
Through July 5, 2022Through July 5, 2022Waived – unlimited
Through July 5, 2022July 6, 2022, onwardWaived – first change
July 6, 2022, onwardJuly 6, 2022, onwardApplicable – per fare option purchased

 This is another example of Air Canada Flexible Booking.

  • There has been an update to Aeroplan’s flight reward change cost policy. For Economy Flex tickets on Aeroplan, change costs are no longer applicable. A simplified pricing structure for Aeroplan price options with change fees has been introduced with an anytime change fee.
  • Waived change costs are always included with the
    • Economy Flex,
    • Business Class (flexible)
    • Economy Latitude,
    • Premium Economy (flexible), and
    • First Class (flexible) travel choices.
  • Along with a $100 anytime change charge, pricing categories permit changes (per direction, per ticket) for any of those tickets.
    • Business Class,
    • Economy Standard,
    • First Class, and
    • Premium Economy (lowest)

Due to Air Canada Flexible Booking options, booking a flight with them are no less than a privilege.

Revisions to the Aeroplan cancellation policy

Need to postpone your journey? Through September 30, 2021, Aeroplan flight awards can be cancelled anytime and without penalty. As of October 1, 2021, flight rewards reservations are subject to the fare option’s cancellation policy.

  • Firstly, the unused portion of your trip will be credited to your account along with the applicable taxes and fees. Note that refunds will not be given for fees that have already been paid.
  • Secondly, at, you may cancel a flight reward in the shortest time.
  • Thirdly, all flight rewards must be canceled at least two hours before departure.
Booking dateDate of cancellationCancellation fee
Through September 30, 2021Anytime*Waived
October 1, 2021 onwardsOctober 1, 2021 onwardsApplicable – per fare option purchased

Air Canada Flexible Booking options make your traveling experience smooth and convenient.

Looking for more flexibility?

  • Latitude Economy, Premium Economy Change, and cancellation costs are always waived for Flexible & Business/First Class Flexible reward fare choices.
  • Regardless of the pricing selection, Aeroplan Super Elite Status Members receive waived change and cancellation costs for flights they redeem from their accounts.

Air Canada Refund and Cancellation Policy

How to cancel a booking:

Because each partner has a different booking system that Air Canada cannot access, and they can better help you, please remember to cancel your booking through your original point of purchase. If you made a direct reservation with Air Canada, you could cancel it online by going to My Bookings and following the directions.

You may cancel your booking online if:

  • Firstly, your first flight reservation was made on or through the Air Canada mobile app.
  • Secondly, you are reserving a flight using an Aeroplan reward.
  • Thirdly, you are canceling your whole reservation.
  • Furthermore, you are changing your plans for travel at least two hours in advance.

Partial cancellation:

Please get in touch with Air Canada Reservations if you need to cancel one or more legs of your trip.

Refund Eligibility

  • Firstly, the tariff type you chose will determine whether you are eligible for a refund if you cancel your reservation.
  • Secondly, you can get a refund on your flight if Air Canada cancels your reservation.
  • Thirdly, remember to ask for a refund where you made the initial purchase because each partner has a different booking system that airlines cannot access, and they can better help you.

24 hours refundability:

  • If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of making your purchase, the airlines will either cancel the payment or refund the ticket cost.
  • Refundability for cancellations made after 24 hours will vary depending on the type of ticket you bought.

Air Canada Flexible Booking takes all the pain off the travelers.

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Enjoy low fares with Air Canada

FromToDepartureFare TypePrice
Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)Oct 25, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD143*
Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)Oct 24, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD138*
Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)Oct 24, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD122*
Delhi (DEL)Toronto (YYZ)Oct 24, 2022-Feb 25, 2023Round-trip/EconomyCAD1,442*
Toronto (YYZ)Los Angeles (LAX)Nov 16, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD299*
Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)Oct 25, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD116*
Montreal (YUL)Fort Lauderdale (FLL)Oct 24, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD295*
Montreal (YUL)Vancouver (YVR)Nov 05, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD210*
Toronto (YYZ)Orlando (MCO)Oct 26, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD232*
Calgary (YYC)Vancouver (YVR)Nov 13, 2022One-way/EconomyCAD91*

Note* – The displayed fares were paid within the last 48 hours. When you make your reservation, they might not be available anymore. Learn more about this deal here. There may be additional baggage charges for extraneous goods and services.

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  3. Rent-a-car options are available. Exclusive discounts on vehicle rentals from Budget and Avis.

You can choose Air Canada Airlines because of the wonderful Air Canada Flexible Booking privileges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change your Air Canada flight (excluding Basic Economy) up to two hours before takeoff. Due to Air Canada flexible booking, it is possible.

After the 24-hour window has gone, Air Canada imposes a change fee of $100 for flights departing in 60 days or less and $25 for flights departing in 61 days or more for Standard prices. So, if you switch to a more expensive choice, you must pay the price difference.